From the recording Live at Uncle V

Yet another live version of this concert favorite. Boy, is this fun to play. This wasn't my best performance of the song, but I think this is one of the best introductions I've made for it.


THE MUSIKFEST SONG - lyrics by Justin Solonynka Copyright 2003 Tiny Lights Music. All rights reserved. Something seems wrong 'cause it sure ain't right When I tried to park my car last night From street to street there was no place Tourists took all the parking space I honked my horn and cried in vain And wondered why all these people came To Bethlehem - it made no sense They displaced all the residents And then it finally came to me, I knew the reason why The yearly fair that makes the locals cry Because it's Musikfest, yeah, it's Musikfest There is funnel cake and sausage with cholesterol to make your heart clot Musikfest, yeah, it's Musikfest Someone's making money but I still don't have a parking spot The bratwurst has a funny smell The vendors would rather be anywhere else They groan and grumble and just look bored And charge enough to make you poor The Festers are their own freak show There's mullets everywhere you go And I guess the crowds must think they're grand But I'm sick of these goddamn Peruvian bands The big acts have a place, but the local talent's rare As long as they make money they don't care... Because it's Musikfest, yeah, it's Musikfest There's polka and more polka and annoying little tykes and tots Musikfest, yeah, it's Musikfest Who are all these people who have turned my town to Stupidplatz Mofo Dragons line Main Street Raging hormones head to feet Tourists drinking too much beer Think that Jesus was born here Is there a reason we're not clued in? If it's tourist season, why can't we shoot them? Ach so, it's Musikfest, yeah, it's Musikfest With Kinderplatz and Liederplatz I'm turning Pennsylvania Dutch Musikfest, yeah, it's Musikfest Maybe if I drink enough I'll find a police horse to punch