1. Postal (live)

From the recording Live at Uncle V

Inspired by a guy I worked with at a summer camp who believed that he was going to become a Navy SEAL. The rest of the staff thought it was more likely that he would become a disgruntled postal worker. I wrote this song in the space of a couple hours when I was in college, during a very, very boring education class.


POSTAL - lyrics by Justin Solonynka Copyright 1999 Tiny Lights Music. All rights reserved. Harry the Postman, he worked in the mailroom He did his job and did his job well Stamping and sorting and packing and shipping Alone in his own private hell He never got married, he'd spent all his years Living the post office beat 'Til one fateful day when an envelope dropped From the bin to land at his feet Harry, O Harry, O Harry... So helpful He stooped down to grab it, a letter fell out The presidential seal at its head Averted his eyes, but then just had to look At the words, and here's what he read: "Dear Soviet Masters, I know we'll prevail That perestroika scam's worked out great Saddam and Castro are still on our side Will contact at some later date." Harry, O Harry, O Harry... So noble Harry the Postman jumped into his car Drove straight to the C.I.A. When he showed them the letter the bullets came flying A gorgeous young blond pulled him safe "I'm from the resistance," the woman explained "We plan to expose the president. We're counting on you to go back to the mailroom And burn all the letters he's sent." Harry, O Harry, O Harry... So able He did as was asked and destroyed all he found He searched the whole mailbin until The sound of gunfire came closer, so Harry, His mission done, swallowed the pill And that's where she found him, Ms. Eleanor Spelvin The woman who worked the front scale Harry, he'd been dead for quite a few hours Near a pile of burned-up junk mail Harry, O Harry, O Harry... So postal