1. Fired (live)

From the recording Live at Uncle V

Unfortunately, Dan wasn't close enough to the microphone to really be heard on the recording, but trust me - he played great. It's always a blast to reunite with the New South Wales Machine.


FIRED - lyrics by Justin Solonynka Copyright 2003 Tiny Lights Music. All rights reserved. I've given you my knowledge, I've given you my time I've given you my blood and sweat, but I still have my mind At first it was a drag to know that I had made your list But now I join the thousands who are happily dismissed But it's OK - yeah it's OK Don't you know I got fired today And nothing sucks anymore You didn't like my haircut, you didn't like my clothes Or maybe it's just cheaper to move to Mexico Or maybe I'm just tired of being jerked around And I should show my gratitude that I'm no longer bound You can take this job and shove it, I don't need it anymore Opportunity comes knock knock knocking on every unlocked door So thanks for this emancipation, thanks for giving me the slip You wanted me to walk the plank, I'll find another ship