Around the World (A Counting Problem Sequel)

Commencement Speech at The Tome School

I Am The One Who Will Remember Everything

Clarita (Acoustic Blender)

How to Arrange a Train

I Am Cow, Live at AFS

Without Harry Potter

Math Caroling at AFS

Bach Invention No. 13 (with David Himmer)

E E Cummings in Hell ~ Acoustic Blender

What a Wonderful World (Roberta Meek, vocals)

Carrot Juice is Murder

Philosophy (Ben Folds cover)

Big Numbers (Justin's TED talk)

Rippy the Gator, Live at AFS

Follow the River (Story)

Follow the River (Performance)

Idioteque (Radiohead cover)

I performed this at a school coffeehouse, which is kind of an open mic night for students and teachers.  One of the students videotaped it and asked if he could post it on YouTube, and I said sure.  It's kind of weird for me to see the facial expressions I make, but oh well. I guess my audiences have been seeing them all along, and no one's said anything to me...

Watch the video on YouTube here.

Like Rabbits (NSWM)

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