Enjoying your holiday disc again and again on our ride to church in the seasonal fog. Miss the band people and Jenn who is Phoenix. I’m singing several days a week in EPCOT Candlelight Processional. Happy New Year and Merry Holidays! Alan and Melanie Howard
Justin, It's impressive what you've done with your life. Back in High School, I always knew you would have a life full of music and happiness. It's great to see.
I saw your post on FB, so I thought I'd check it out. I enjoyed this year's selection and the previous ones too! I'm a particular fan of the Dar Williams song, and I liked your take on Baby it's cold outside, which is considered politically incorrect these days, but I always interpreted it differently, and I read a whole analysis this year by someone who did too. Anyway, Merry Christmas, and I'll look forward to more music in 2018...
Great Job! That album by Joni is one of my favorites! Merry Christmas !
Lovely! You sound great Courtney - have a very happy birthday. See you soon. Love, Jenny
Wow, what pipes! Just lovely. And the family pictures are so sweet :)
What a unique and beautifully performed collection of songs. Thank you!
Thank you for a lovely song! Merry Christmas!
So cool!
Amazing!!! Beautiful vocals and music!!
I loved it! That is one of my favorite Christmas songs. I loved your voice Courtney... Is there anything you can't do?? I loved Justin's piano playing as well so melodic. It was just the right piece to get me in the Christmas spirit. Thank you.
Very pretty! Thank you for sharing!!! Merry christmas!!! This made my day!!!
Lovely song thank you for sharing.
Happy Holidays! Love your song !!!
Courtney/Justin, loved it. This is one of my favorite songs. xoxo
Great song
Hi all! I just loved your song! Courtney, I hope you can visit my chorus, you have a beautiful voice; Lily was adorable, and great playing, Justin!
Nice job! Loved the contributions by Lily. Courtney, you sound great. Happy holidays!
Wonderful music. Thanks for telling us about this site.
Hi, I just discovered Justin on Satellite Radio--"Mashed or Baked" stopped me dead in my tracks! Went running for my smart phone and Shazam app when I heard it, but my digital luck ran out when I tried to find sheet music for the piece online. Would love to buy it, if it's available in print or digital download -- please advise! I'm also really excited to see that Justin's a local artist (I live in Easton, Pa.) Here's hoping we'll get to see him perform live in the lovely Lehigh Valley soon!
Looking forward to having you perform for our First Friday in April at The Dovetail Artisans.
Wonderful! Thanks....... XXXX
What a sweet treat! Thanks!
Listened to the Christmas Album three times. What a joy it is! Kudos to Justin, Courtney & Lily. The more you hear it, the better it gets. All I can say is Merry, Merry Christmas!
I just heard some advance tracks of Justin's new Christmas album, and I can't wait to hear the entire album. If rough cuts sound this good, the fully mixed album will knock your socks off.
Like my mom said, better late than never... A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you guys! You're getting Lily ready for American Idol, right?
Better late than never! Thanks for sharing... I hope you all had a wonderful holiday :-)
Thank you for sharing something so precious. It made me smile.
thank you for the holiday cheer!
Love it! Happy Holidays!
So cute!!!! You all are so talented! Happy holidays! I really enjoyed all of the songs!!
Thanks, that was lovely.
Wonderful! Lily is totally cute. Happy holidays.
We are big fans! Lily rocked Jingle Bells (her parents weren't too shabby either!).
love this
Love it! Happy Holidays!
Great job, Lily! Thanks for the holiday wishes! Happy holidays to you and your mom and dad, too!
Delightful! Happy Holidays to the three of you, too!
Wonderful! Merry Christmas to you all!
Jingle Bells is cute. Happy Holiday Season to you all, also!
Always look forward to your Christmas song, so much talent in one family. Lily will have such opportunity to develop her talents. Merry Christmas to all of you. Joe & Roseann
Loved it! Thanks for the sweetness n sunlight this holiday! <3
You brighten the season and Lily is gorgeous!!!!!! Thanks so much for thinking of me. Love, Steffi
Very, very cute.
Great song! I especially liked Lily's part. It was funny!
Awesome. Grady danced through the whole thing. Happy Holidays to you all. <3
Wonderful as always!!
Lily's first act was awesome! You've set the bar very high for the years to come....but I've no doubt you're up to the challenge! Merry Wishes to you!!!
Love it!! :)
Love your Christmas song! Thanks for sharing - but even better is Lily's photo. I am sure the holiday was so much fun with her. Both girls were home for the holidays here in Tucson so that was terrific for us! Hope 2012 is a great year for you three.
Very impressed. Courtney, you have a fabulous voice. It felt like Christmas, we thoroughly enjoyed.
Loved especially "Baby It's Cold Outside!" Courtney you have a great voice! Happy Holidays from your neighbors! Mirjam, Christoph and Manon
Dear Justin, Courtney and Lily, Hi, day after Christmas, and this email has all the holiday spirit captured. I loved the artistic visual as well. Keep up the family singing and the trombone. Happy New Year. Love, Reba
Hello, Justin and Courtney, You are terrific and should think about putting all your Christmas songs on a CD. Just got your new CD from your mom. Best of luck with everything. Merry Christmas! Joe & Roseann
Found your link on Facebook. Thanks for the Christmas cheer. (Ralph and I are members of Gwynedd and wish you a wonderful holiday as well!)
Gorgeous. Thanks for remembering me. Have a great holiday. Hope you are well.
Great song!
Love it - Lily is well on her way to following in her parents' talented footsteps.
Nice to hear that trombone!!!!
Awesome job!!!!
We especially like being able to hear you from so far away (WA State). And we loved the picture of Lily.
Merry Christmas!!! Thanks so much for sharing.
They get better each year as does Ms. Courtney's voice!!! Love the beat! Thank you.
OMG!!! AMAZING, WONDERFUL, FABULOUS! get out on the road, kids, this is WAY too good to not share with the world. So much talent, heart, soul. WOW! thankyousomuch!
What an absolute pleasure!!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent. Merry Christmas and have a fabulous New Year!
Very nice! I loved Lily's guest vocals. Thanks for sharing it! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!
Bravo - Give up your day jobs!
Really enjoyed "rockin" with your music, so much fun!
Fabulous... I don't think you need to worry about day jobs... Courtney can go on tour!!! ...and lucky for her, she has her own sideman!
Really enjoyed the music. Thank you. Merry Christmas.
Most Excellent. Thanks! Have a restful and peaceful Christmas.
It never feels like the holidays until I hear the Gable/Solonynka winter collaboration. LOVE you three making music together! Thank you for this beautiful and special gift. <3
I did not know that I was living next to so much talent! I'm truly impressed with your music! Your neighbor, Mirjam
Sylvia quoted "Even You" this morning, and because I was straining to remember the rest of the lyrics, I was compelled to look you up. I live on the other side of the country now, in the South Bay, but I can hear you singing in my head as clearly as if you were in the other room. Congratulations on having a new musician in the family! I miss you.
A star is born! Lily is beautiful and how exciting to be recording as a family. Thank you for sharing. All the best in 2011. Joanne
Happy Holidays! What a beautiful baby Lily is! Lots of love, John
Awesome Christmas songs! Merry Christmas to you, Lily, and Courtney!
Justin, what a gift! You are so talented! Lily is beautiful. Thanks for sharing! I loved it!
Loved the song! Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year, Justin and Courtney! PS Lily is so adorable! Joe
Thanks much for your Christmas greeting & new music, Justin -- including the new vocalist! I continue to play your earlier music in my Christmas collection. Best Christmas wishes to the three of you! ricardo in Tucson
Finally got a chance to listen to this year's offering! So great!!!!
Lily is awesome!!! A prodigy, of course!
This is too adorable. Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays to all. Many Blessings.
Tears of joy. This is spectacular - the music itself is exquisite, the execution is joyful, lively, creative, and Lily's sweet voice is angelically pure sound! THANK YOU.
Love it!
Loved the trio. Lily has the right genes. Keep up the music.
What a wonderful way to brighten up the Holiday season !!!!!
Such wonderful music you folks make. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us.
Absolutely LOVE the music, especially "Baby, It's Cold Outside!" Lily is adorable! Wishing you the best this holiday season and a very happy New Year! Love, Deb
That was lovely and I'm sending it to my neighbor who is a composer and pianist. Thank you. all you need is to buy Lily a dog who can bark in tune.
Great to hear your music again. Our wish is for you and your family to enjoy a blessed Christmas and many years of joy together. We are enjoying our four grandchildren so much - especially at this special time of year. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Rollie and Laurie
Wonderful! Thanks so much. I love Lily's contribution, too.
Beautiful! Perfect! Love to you all.
Oh my goodness, could you and your family BE any more talented? I totally downloaded it and it will keep me in the Christmas spirit! Happy holidays - and be well!
Sounds so good! I'm looking forward to hearing three-part harmonies.
hey, that little one has star potential!!
Lovely! Thanks! I hope we get a chance to catch up soon and meet Lily in person.
"What Child Is This" was great. :) Lily's really cute! Happy Holidays from the Interval Notation Super Team
Oh, so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this, Justin. I have always loved this song, and it is wonderful to hear Lily's debut!
Great! I can't wait to hear Lily take the lead and sing along!
Beautiful! Lily added just the right touch, and loved when you started swingin' it!
What a neat version of an old classic! Great job, also, making it a family affair. :)
Lily on lead! VonTrapps got nuthin' on you guys. Just beautiful. Thank you.
Go, Lily, go! What a tasteful and lively rendition of "What Child Is This!" Kudos to Mom and Dad for introducing you to the recording studio at such a young age!
Great, thanks for posting this. Lily did a wonderful job.
What a great recording....thanks for sharing...Lily did a great job! Liz and Bruce
Lovely. Lily has a wonderful voice and we expect great things from her in the future (no pressure). Of course her parents are quite talented as well. Happy Holidays to you!
Love that you transformed Marianna Neil's poem Clarita into a song. We'll be telling our email list and will add your website in our newest newsletter. Well done!
Hi Justin, just wanted to say how much we look forward to having you perform at our house concert. All our friends and family are looking to meeting you and Courtney and enjoying your music. Sandi and Bill
Forgive me for this tardy comment, Justin, but I must congratulate you and Courtney for this wonderful gift of music. Such beautiful close harmonizing on the Lightfoot number, and geez, Justin, trombone, trumpet AND keyboards? I'm envious! In any case, your warmth (and smarts!) radiate out of every note! Thank you!
It only took us four months to listen to your Christmas music. It brought big smiles to our faces, as your music always does. And a wonderful treat to hear Courtney singing too! Don't think we ever had heard her warble before. Love Fern and Tom
Hi Justin and Courtney! Happy New Year! It took us forever to respond, but we enjoyed your musical card. Thanks for sending it. We hope things are going well for you. Sylvia, Sean, Carl and Elinore
"Oh that we could only see such spirit through the year!"
Hi Justin & Courtney! I've been traveling and otherwise busy this holiday, but I finally got a chance to play your holiday tunes - very enjoyable. Thank you :-) I wish you both a Happy New Year! Joanne
You two sound great! Miss and love you! Bree
You guys are the best!!!! Love you! Jenn
Congratulations to you both! It was great to hear Courtney's voice again! Hope you're both having a very merry and a holly jolly! Peace, Love & Light, David
I'm slow here, Justin, but still very good timing, as it is 5:25 on Christmas afternoon! Great sounds as always. "Muy feliz 2010" to you and Courtney! ricardo in tucson
THANK YOU!! So happy for the two of you. Thanks for sharing all that joy and music with us. Hope your 2010 is filled with adventure, contentment, health, happiness and much more music. xx J
Wonderful sounds to accompany me while I do exam stuff. Merry Christmas to you and Courtney and Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Songfilled New Year!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful music! Happy holidays to you both!
What a treat! Hope you are doing well. Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday! Mary Ellen
Loved your Christmas music!! It fills us with the spirit. Happy Holidays!
Mr. Sol! Loved your holiday songs, they sound great! Enjoy the holidays, I hope all is well with you, we miss you at GA!
Thank you and Merry Christmas!
HEY! Sounds good! I hope to see ya over xmas! Matthew
Miss ya! Make it a great day!
Hi, Justin. Thanks for the gift.
We loved it! It filled the house with the spirit of the holiday. Thank you!
Loved it all. Played it over and over and it filled the house with the spirit of the season!
I loved listening to you both! Thanks for sharing! Happy holidays! love, bonnie
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Mike and Mary Drury here in Missouri.
What beautiful music! Happy Holidays! Heather, Dan, and Caitlyn
Thanks Justin! Happy Holidays to you and Courtney!
What a wonderful holiday treat. My best to you and yours this season. It's beautiful looking from my window with lots of snow outside to play in. I wish you continued success and see that your talent is growing and growing. As Plato would say, you have truly found your "techne."
Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas to you both! with love, Virginia and Chris
Thanks for great holiday music! Merry Christmas!
One of my favorites! How sweet. Thank you!
Beautiful! The Vince Guaraldi Christmas album is one of my all time favorites! You guys sound beautiful together! Merry Christmas to you! Love, Lisa
Wow, you guys delivered once again. Nice tunes! Justin, I did a double take when I looked at who played Christmas Time Is Here. Nice warm sounds overall! Merry Christmas Courtney and Justin!
Thank you so much for this sweet gift. I love hearing Courtney sing, and Justin, your awesome musical skills wow me every time. Happy Holidays! Love, Jill
Christmas Time is indeed almost here! Thanks for the wonderful internet holiday tunes and for such a great start to a collegial & musical relationship at AFS, Justin. Happy Holidays and New Year 2010 to you both!
WOW! You two really make beautiful music together. Great musical choices! Thanks. xoxo
Thank you for sharing this with us. It was amazing! We can't wait to see ya'll soon.
OK, so I'm a 'little' slow! It's 2009 and I'm just now hearing our 2008 song. We loved the song. I'm updating our brand new iMac and came across the song in our address book. It was a wonderful Christmas 2009 diversion. Karlene & John
Hi Justin. Kecia McMillian played "The Diviner" at a recent worship service and I was completely smitten. Just beautiful. I'm going on iTunes to purchase it now. Keep up the great music. Love your site too!
Hey great job at Musikfest! It's always a great pleasure to see you, and hear you play.
Hi Justin, It is awesome to hear you are playing at Musikfest. You played for me at my wedding in 2001 at UUCLV. We will try to stop and see you. Best Wishes in Everything You Do! God Bless. Joe and Tina Haas
hello mr. Sol, This is Leidy Ardila a student from LVPA, i hope you remember me, well i just wanted to say hi!i hope everything is ok.. good luck in everything!
Hey, Justin, it was great to meet you at The Theory & Art of Magic show, and your composition and playing for Marc's act was spot-on.
WOW! I've heard Justin before so I knew how great he is, but I had no idea how wonderful your voice is Courtney.
Beautiful setting for a photo. John and I moved to Princeton and are involved with the dance community down here but we are not that far from Bethlehem! Take care and Happy New Year. Barbara Vadnais
Hi Justin and Courtney! I just now checked out the Christmas gift hyperlink, and wow, what a nice duet! I really enjoyed it. I love the whimsical nature of your songs. You and Courtney and the members of Acoustic Blender have such great pitch and music sense. Keep inspiring and blending!
You guys sound great! we loved it! xx dana
Hi Justin - I used to hear you play in church at the UUCLV years ago - was glad to see you'll be back in town for First Night. I'll try to stop by to hear you tomorrow night! Leslie
Sensational! "Baby..." is a joy, as rewritten, and performed... and the carols heard anew are delightful and surprising, really soar.
Courtney, I've yet to meet Justin but you make lovely music together. Thank you for the melodic gift -- it warmed my heart. It was wonderful.
Thanx for sharing your talents! Wow what fun. love, the ritz family
Just listened to your duet. You are both so talented. I loved it!!!! What a treat. I put the headphones on baby Gwen and she smiled through the whole thing. Very special....keep it coming. Dyan
Really nice, you sound pretty good and I have always liked that song too. Look forward to meeting both of you, we are friends of your Dad's (Courtney). Happy Hannukah and a Happy & Healthy New Year to you! Maxine & Ira
WOW!!! You are both fabulous..take this show on the road!!! Didn't know that you had such a marvelous voice, Courtney..luv to both of you...Sharon
What fun to hear you and Courtney together singing! Very cute and funny ... and "a little creepy"!! A great gift to us all!! Cheers and Happy Holidays .. Jake Heggie
What's up Justin and Courtney, we just listened to baby it's cold outside. It was really cute. Hope to see you guys soon.
What a wonderful gift for the New Year! You two are amazing. Happy Holidays!
This was fantastic! The two of you are so talented. Can't wait to see you at Christmas. Love, Patti
I just LOVED it!!!! I wish my dad were alive to hear our soon-to-be family member play the piano.....he would have been so proud. Thanks for making me smile! Love, Bonnie
Delightful! Thank you for sending this to us to enjoy. Merry Christmas
You warmed my heart and spirit. Looking forward to sharing your great talents with the world! Love. SG
FANTASTIC!!!! The two of you truly make beautiful music together. Thank you for sharing your talents with the rest of us! What a great tradition you have started. Love, Mom xoxoxo
WOW!! You guys are talented...what a great couple.....Happy Holiday
Wow guys, great rendition of a classic! Dean Martin aint got nothing on The Sol.
WOW!! I LOVE THIS!! You two sound terrific! XXXXXX
Hey --- Baby It's Cold Outside is awesome. Loved every note. Every lyric. Every spoken word. Adorable. Teri Scheinzeit
Hi Courtney, I believe I met you guys at the Bucks County Coffee House last year Great Duo and Great Duet be-well be-happy just-BE!
Nice touch! and Courtney can sing! Justin - was King Wenceslas your arrangement? Is that a pennywhistle or recorder on Jesu, or was that sound generated by an electronic organ?
Hey you two --- loved the song, it sounds odd to say this, but I could so SEE you singing it. We really should get together soon! ~AmyBeth
This is soooo cool! Courtney, since I have never heard you sing I was just speechless when I heard you. You are Great! Justin, I won't leave you behind, what a gift you have. Love Ya
Fab-U-lous! The two of you make the cutest couple. What an awesome idea! Wishing you both a happy holiday filled with peace and joy.
That was wonderful - one of my favorite holiday songs, done spectacularly!
Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year to both of you! The folks from New Mexico.
I loved it, Happy Holidays!
Baby, It's warm here where I listened to your very cool music!
Just lovely!!! Lots of hugs!!!
You guys sound great! Happy holidays!
Thanks for thinking of me. Loved the music! Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2009! All the best, Linda
I love the are both so talented!
very enjoyable
Happy Holidays, Courtney and Justin! Thank you for the card and the musical Christmas spirit!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, love, Lynn
You're the best! Merry Christmas!
Phenomenal performances, especially the "baby it's cold outside" song. courtney and you have tremendous voices. keep it up!
Hey there Mr. Sol! Just stopping by and I'm happy to see that you're still writing and performing music! I still listen to your CDs!
Hey Justin- Great website... we hope to hear you play one of these nights listed! Hope you are well... hi to Courtney too. Teresa
wow justin!!! it's been such a long time! i was listening to bull in a china shop and i was missing you! so i arrive here and wow! this is just amazing! i'm so glad for you! i can't wait to listen to the albums i don't have, how exciting! new stuff! remembering the serpent and i was trying to explain tales of the a friend and it occurred to me how amazing a director you were at 21! not to mention the music! take good care -fran
Justin, I've always loved your albums (Playground, Bull in a China Shop, Better View). "Not me, not you" seems to be my unwavering favorite. I find solace in it... especially whenever I doubt my own creative endeavors. It's so beautifully ironic... It is *you* I'm listening to; it is *you* I'm reading there; it is *you* I'm loving. From the first day I met you, as a substitute teacher for our biology lab, when we mischievously discovered a way to boil our egg in a jam cap, I always admired your view of things and the way in which you handled them. Keep it real!
Hi Justin, Great stuff! Nice site!
Like the web site. Hope all is well.
We certainly enjoyed hearing the quartet on Friday evening in Doylestown. And I especially enjoyed listening to you. So now I can say I've witnessed your musical growth at three stages of your life. I listened to your "Sounds" today. You're so versatile, I had no idea. My husband (who's not a musician, but has a good ear) really liked "Zzyzx Road." It reminds me of some of the pieces Don Muro wrote for recorder and synthesizer. He provided the synth. recording, and the children provided the recorder music. He worked for "Korg" back in the day, and introduced the idea of the "music workstation". I don't know whether he's still around, he'd be an old man (about Joe, Sr. and my age by now) REALLY OLD. "Follow The River" is my favorite. I was a big fan of Paul Halley, piano, and Eugene Friesen, cello, from the Paul Winter Consort. They recorded an album together,"New Friend," twenty years ago now, but the combination of piano and cello is brilliant. Like you, Paul supported himself for awhile by being the organist and choir master at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan. I don't play anymore. I have a tremor that ended my playing. It was a bitter blow, but I've come to accept and realize that in music as in everything else, it's time to give it over to a new generation. If you are any indication, we've passed on the tools that were given us, and you've charged ahead to create wonderful new sounds. I'm looking forward to hearing you again. Thanks for playing. Mimi Mauro
Justin, you look familiar. Did you by any chance, play the piano at the Lehigh Valley UU in Bethlehem during the late 90's? And did you attend Council Rock HS? If the answer is yes to the first, I've met you. If it's the second - I first saw you when you were in Jr. High playing with the Jr. High jazz band in competition. Joe's Uncle Lou,(my ex) was the director of Upper Moreland's Jr. High jazz band. If it's both - then I've been a witness to both your skill and musicianship at two stages of your life. And if the answer is "no" to both - I can't figure out why both your name and face are familiar. In any case, Joe invited us to come see you in Doylestown on the 26th. Looking forward to it!!

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